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Microsoft Launches Windows Phone 7

Initially released ten years ago in 2010, Windows mobile played an important part in the arena of smartphones, until, Apple released the iPhone in 2007 changed the way phones were. Then came Google with its Android OS which  quickly gained popularity with most companies switching loyalties from Windows Mobile. Somewhere in between, Microsoft released Windows Mobile 6.5 but lets face it, it was more of a fix then a major OS update.

With declining share in the mobile OS market, month after month, Microsoft finally threw away the stylus and made a new platform for mobile phones, The Windows Phone 7 operating system which was a MAJOR upgrade from the older Windows Mobile series. The new OS like many of the other ones available right now provides stylus free use, integrating with Microsoft services like Bing, Xbox Live as well as social networks such as Facebook and Live Tiles, a new unique way to customize your home screen.

Microsoft announced that Windows Mobile 7 will first be available on 10 handsets, in 30 countries by the end of October. Major companies releasing phones with this platform are HTC, LG, Samsung and Dell.

Will Microsofts new OS be able to compete with the likes of iOS and Android? Will developers embrace the new platform? Will we see a shower of applications? Well, we’ll have to wait to find out.

Click Here to check out Mashable’s Gallery of the phones with which Windows Phone 7 will release.

Update: Windows Phone 7 won’t have Copy and Paste until early 2011. It also does not support tethering.


LG Voyager


LG just released new phone called The LG Voyager and LG said that this phone could be the rival of the iPhone. this touchscreen handset will feature a more iPhone-like interface just like that found in the PRada phone, where the screen will be able to let users make calls, play music and take 2 megapixel photos. You also can find a QWERTY keyboard which is revealed the moment you flip it open as well as a secondary display for email, text messaging, and games. Other features like a microSDHC memory card slot, 3G connectivity, and support for V CAST TV for live digital TV. This phone will hits the market before Thanksgiving. Click here for the whole review

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