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LG Voyager


LG just released new phone called The LG Voyager and LG said that this phone could be the rival of the iPhone. this touchscreen handset will feature a more iPhone-like interface just like that found in the PRada phone, where the screen will be able to let users make calls, play music and take 2 megapixel photos. You also can find a QWERTY keyboard which is revealed the moment you flip it open as well as a secondary display for email, text messaging, and games. Other features like a microSDHC memory card slot, 3G connectivity, and support for V CAST TV for live digital TV. This phone will hits the market before Thanksgiving. Click here for the whole review

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LG announces KS20 Windows Mobile smartphone

LG has officially unveiled its first pocket PC, LG-KS20, at the IFA conference in Berlin. The KS20 is designed to look similar to the LG Prada with a large color touchscreen and 2 megapixel camera. The KS20 is powered by Windows Mobile 6 Professional which is pretty standard this year. It has full internet browsing capabilities to develop better mobile internet experience for users. Besides that, users are able to download at a speed of 3.6 Mbps through HSDPA. The KS20 is expected to be available this October however there’s no price revealed yet.

LG announces KS20 Windows Mobile smartphone source [MobileTopSoft]

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