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A Facebook phone? A skin? Or just a widget?


“Come see our new home on Android” – This is what Facebook’s invite to an event on the 4th of April, 2013 says. What is this about? Is Facebook siding with Android in the Android vs iOS war? Could this mean that Facebook will be deeper integrated in Android in the future than iOS? Or is it just a new widget?

Many questions to be answered. Reports are saying that Facebook is partnering with HTC to launch a new Facebook branded phone, while other reports state that Facebook is just releasing it’s own modified version of Android like Amazon did on the Kindle Fire. Another report says it’s just about an addition to the HTC Sense skin and the home screen is going to get a flavor of Facebook.

All of these are major things to happen. Facebook might even partner with more companies in the future to expand Facebook’s outreach to more and more users. All we can do right now, is wait for the event or hope for some more leaks about this!

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