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Motorola Atrix 4G : Phone or Computer? Its got both.

CES 2011 has brought along many surprises and the Motorola Atrix is one of them. Pocket it or Dock it, is what Motorola is saying about this phone.

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AT&T announces availability of BlackBerry Curve this summer

AT&T Inc. announced Monday the summer availability of the BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphone.

AT&T consumer, small business and enterprise customers will enjoy new features and enhanced performance, including both Wi-Fi and GPS (global positioning system), a next generation processor, rich multimedia capabilities and memory for applications offered from AT&T.

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Microsoft Surface in AT&T stores

AT&T became the first retail store to showcase and utilize the Microsoft Surface.

The Microsoft Surface is a hardware and software combination technology that allows a user or multiple users to manipulate digital content by use of hand gestures, natural motions or physical objects.
AT&T is using the Surface in five locations in four different cities which are Atlanta, San Antonio, San Francisco and New York. A total of 22 devices have been sent to AT&T’s stores.
Customers are allowed to place devices on the surface which in turn will read the devices such as a cell phone and give the customers information about the device.
If there is a good response AT&T might start using the Surface for purchasing ringtones, graphics, video content and the like using the Surfaces’s multi-touch gestures. Customers can also view interactive coverage maps and use touch and hand movements to determine the
coverage areas for their wireless service.
The stores with the Surface have got many customers compared to before, most of them who just came to get a hands-on on the device.
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