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Kinect Hack makes controlling your television fun

Switching channels, Fun? Isn’t that what we do when we’re really really bored? I don’t think thats true anymore. This Kinect Hack by Harishankar transforms the way you switch your channels.

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Microsoft’s next move? Code-name Falcon

“Here’s a trade secret that Microsoft is unlikely to publicly acknowledge. 

Sony’s cutting the price on the PlayStation 3. How will Microsoft react? We’ll find out soon. But a key part of the strategy is going to be a project code-named Falcon.

Falcon is the name for the latest internal electronics in the Xbox 360. It will have an IBM microprocessor and an AMD/ATI graphics chip that are manufactured in a 65-nanometer production process. These are cost-reduced chips that do the same thing as their 90-nanometer predecessors, but they’re smaller.

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