Kinect Hack makes controlling your television fun

Switching channels, Fun? Isn’t that what we do when we’re really really bored? I don’t think thats true anymore. This Kinect Hack by Harishankar transforms the way you switch your channels.

Why do this when you have dedicated remotes for “switching channels” ? Because it’s cool, that’s why!  Harishankar recently uploaded a YouTube video of himself doing just that, and it’s really awesome: his Kinect is connected to a Mac mini, which uses OpenNI to detect his skeleton, read certain gestures and send the info to a USB-UIRT box. The latter device, connects to your computer’s USB port and lets it receive and transmit IR signals. In this case, the computer is sending the gesture controls to the TV. Practical? Maybe not for most of us, but lots of fun nonetheless. Watch the video below and hit the source link below to try this out for yourself.


Via: engadget


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One response to “Kinect Hack makes controlling your television fun”

  1. Jamie Hunn says :

    This is soo cool! I really wish I bought an xbox 360 instead of a ps3 now..

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