Apple’s iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 was released a few weeks ago among much fanfare. The usual queuing up outside the stores, unboxing videos all over the internet, and the reviews and the fact that Apple sold over a million units of this phone in just 3 days, itself is enough to say that this device is one of the most sought after.

The iPhone 4 is one lovely device. With its new shape and looks the iPhone 4 caught many eyes. People who predicted that the iPhone 4 wouldnt last long in today’s smartphone arena were proved wrong. Yeah, it has ONE problem, the widely publicised antenna issue, but its fixable and its the only problem people reported so far. It comes with the new revamped iOS 4, which adds a bunch of features compared to the older software versions. Multitasking, Home screen wallpapers, Video Calls (FaceTime), to name a few. The Gyroscope is something that has to be mentioned about the iPhone 4.  Revolutionising the world of mobile gaming, the gyroscope is surely going to appear in more phones.

The Good: The iPhone for has a bagful of goodies coming along with it. The better 5 megapixel camera which can shoot video upto a resolution of 720p is certainly one of the best features this phone has. Also the front camera and FaceTime are both features that have placed the iPhone 4 high above in the battle of the smartphones. The gyroscope as mentioned before is something new we see in handheld devices. The extra battery life, the new OS are all plus points for this device. The Retina Display, touted as the best display a smartphone has ever had is surely something anybody would want. All these and a bunch of other features make the iPhone 4 one of the best smartphones out there.

The Bad: The one negative point that comes up in everybodies head is the antenna issue. Though it can be fixed with a case, it wouldve been better if Apple actually used their 100 million dollar iPhone testing facility and detected this before actually releasing the phone. The OS could be more customisable, with more feautures like Wi-Fi syncing, letting you turn your phone into a wi-fi hotspot and stuff like that. Basically, it shouldve come with lesser restrictions. The only way Apple can kill jailbreaking is releasing its own version of it. Though I don’t see this happening any where ahead, the Library of Congress did declare Jailbreaking legal, so I wouldn’t complain much about the iOS 4.

With all these features and many more, how long will the iPhone 4 survive in this gadget hungry world? We can only wait and see..


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