The iStore comes to Hyderabad!!

Some good news finally for all Apple fans/enthusiasts/maniacs/admirers/lovers/…the list simply goes on! Yes, I am talking about the Apple iStore in India, and particularly in Hyderabad! It has been the moment the above category (includes me) has been praying for…Looks like the computer giant Apple has finally realized it has takers outside US too and this comes right before the launch of the much awaited iPhone sometime in May this year(In India). With the iPhone and of course the iPod, Apple is a brand that spread fast in India.

The iStore in Hyderabad is located right at the famous intersection of Road No. 1 and Road No. 12 in Banjara Hills at the front facing ground floor of the new Ashoka Metropolitan shopping mall which is still under construction. Even though the mall is still in construction the store opened a few days ago. Reliance Digital Media is the store’s partner.

I haven’t been to the store yet but I surely will be there in a few days. Let’s Hope that the iStore keeps up to our expectations.

I’ve finally been to the iStore. It has all the apple stuff except the iphone on display. You can actually use them. The iPod Touch s had wifi in range and were ready to jailbreak. There was the thin MacBook Air, the iMac,Macbook Pro and all the rest of the apple stuff.



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One response to “The iStore comes to Hyderabad!!”

  1. Rahul says :

    Is there a web URL you know of for these store chains?

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