Computers will be as smart as humans by 2030!!!


Computer power will match the intelligence of human beings within the next 20 years because of the accelerating speed at which technology is advancing, according to a leading scientific “futurologist”.

There will be 32 times more technical progress during the next half century than there was in the entire 20th century, and one of the outcomes is that artificial intelligence could be on a par with human intellect by the 2020s, said the American computer guru Ray Kurzweil.

Machines will rapidly take over humans in their intellectual abilities and solve many problems that coudn’t be solved in the 21st century said Dr Kurzweil, one of 18 maverick thinkers chosen to identify the greatest technological challenges facing humanity.

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2 responses to “Computers will be as smart as humans by 2030!!!”

  1. Anil says :

    interesting post…

  2. Lilysu says :

    favorited this one, dude

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