Voltaic Generator Bag Charges Your Laptop in One Sunny day


Forget the solar bags that only charge your phone, handheld or laptop a bit, because Voltaic launches a bag that can charge your laptop in just one day, if the bag is kept in sunlight. Unfortunately, it still isn’t really useful, because one day it’s quite long to charge your laptop and this if you can keep it into sunlight.

The solar bag can produce 14.7 watts from one solar panel in one sunny day and it also comes with adapters, so you can charge your USB devices, phones and also it includes a battery.

It’s other bad part is the price of $599, that doesn’t really seem to make it affordable, because you would probably better buy more batteries and don’t need to wait that much to use your laptop again. But this is good if you don’t want to carry many batteries with you and you need to stay away from electricity for at least a few days.


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One response to “Voltaic Generator Bag Charges Your Laptop in One Sunny day”

  1. Dan (future gadgets blog) says :

    It is a great gadget, but the price is huge.
    Let’s hope it will have a better price in the future.

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