IBM gets world’s fastest chip to India

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IT major IBM has launched the world’s fastest computer processor chip called the dual-core POWER6 in India. 

With this launch, the company’s System p570, which the company says is the world’s most powerful midrange consolidation machine, and bladeCenter JS22 servers, both powered by this new chip, would be available in the country, said IBM India and South Asia Director, Systems and Technology Group, Shashi B Mal. T

he POWER6 features virtualisation capabilities – a means of server consolidation – and is also the latest addition to IBM’s Project Big Green initiative. It allows “unparalleled power savings on mid-range servers through dynamic reallocation of resources, power and cooling benefits,” Mal said.

 Mal said, “According to Morgan Stanley, energy used to power and cool today’s data centers represents 44 per cent of the centre’s total cost of ownership – and for a company of any size today, a 50 per cent saving is huge”. 

In 2007, USD 10 billion would be spent on data center energy worldwide, and IDC predicts that power and cooling spend in the data center will grow eight times the rate of hardware spend. For the cost conscious Indian companies, virtualisation and adoption of green technologies is the ideal solution, he said. 

The POWER6, at 4.7 GHZ, is twice as fast as POWER 5, but uses nearly the same amount of electricity to run and cool. This means customers can use the new processor to either increase their performance by 100 per cent or cut their power consumption by 50 per cent, said Manish Gupta who heads the research Lab at IBM.


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